QAST Learner Profile

QAST empowers students to become innovators who master the knowledge and skills
required to create solutions for challenges that face Qatar and the world.
  • Continuous Learning

    • I seek information on my own by reading, inquiring, and discussing.
    • I engage in activities outside of school to stay healthy and happy.
    • I follow my passions in subjects beyond what the teacher assigns me.
    • My learning is never complete.
  • Creative and Critical Thinking

    • I analyze concepts and ideas to better understand the world
    • I apply my knowledge and skills to solve problems
    • I create and design innovative solutions
    • I reflect on my ideas critically
    • I advocate for my own path of solving challenges with the knowledge I have gained
  • Global Citizenship

    • I am a socially and environmentally responsible global citizen
    • I can demonstrate and apply the knowledge and skills of intercultural awareness.
    • I can speak, read and write in multiple languages.
  • Personal Qualities

    • I practice resilience by meeting challenges with a growth mindset.
    • I reflect on my success and failures as opportunities to adjust and refine my pursuit of education.
    • I respect the learning environment by showing empathy within my community.
  • Teamwork

    • I support all team responsibilities
    • I actively listen to others
    • I cultivate and maintain positive relationships
    • I follow through on agreed-upon commitments
    • I embrace differences in the team I am working with.
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