NOTIFICATION: Temporary school closures and online learning

As per the Government Communications Office’s announcement, and our continuous efforts to keep our students, staff and faculty safe, Qatar Foundation Schools campuses are temporarily closed until further notice, nevertheless learning continues through our online platforms.

Tips for families during school closures

Dear Parents,
I would like to provide some tips for talking to your child about COVID-19 so you can help support your child and provide reassurance during this time.

Tip #1
Model Positivity Children are gauging how worried to be about COVID-19 by looking at the reactions of adults around them. The more you can model positivity about the situation, the more secure and calm your child will feel. Try to keep a sense of normalcy at home by maintaining your usual family routines.

Tip #2
Give the Facts, Challenge Rumors. Try to reduce your child’s anxiety and fears about COVID-19 by offering them the facts. When presenting information, consider your child’s age, maturity level, and emotions. Ask your child what they know about Coronavirus and COVID-19 and help to offer facts and dispel rumors. Provide comfort by reminding them that organizations like the WHO are working very hard to help people stay healthy and reduce public risk.

Tip #3
Consider Limiting Media Consumption F or older children, you can have a conversation about getting information about COVID-19 from quality sources. You can ask them about what they’ve seen on social media and how to tell if it is real or fake news. Remind older children that the media often uses shocking or disturbing headlines to “hook” its readers and that this often leaves out any good or hopeful news about a situation. For younger children, you may wish to limit what they’re hearing. Consider what is on in the background (TV, radio, podcasts, etc.).

Tip #4
Eliminate Stigma W hen talking to your child about COVID-19 it is important not to assign blame to any particular person or group of people. Remind your child that symptoms of a cough or fever don’t necessarily mean that a person has COVID-19.

Tip #5
Practice Coping Strategies. Invite your child to calm conversations about how your child is feeling and offer reassurance. Model taking breaks and practicing self-care by turning off the news and doing something fun. If your family is spending more time at home here are some ideas: replace outings with family games or movies, bake or cook together, read, have a crafternoon, rearrange the furniture in your child’s bedroom You can also do some mindfulness meditating before bed, look up home decor DIYs and read up on coping strategies and healthy activities that will work for your family.

If you notice your child is still worried or fearful, reassure your child that what they are feeling is normal. If you find that additional support is needed, you can reach out to Mrs. Lisa.

Source: ISCA Coronavirus Suggestions to Parents; Adapted from Chatsworth International School Letter to Parents February 13, 2020.

Helpful resources for families during school closures Download


  1. 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free

2. STEM Learning resources have been made free during school closures

  1. Khan Academy also has free resources online

Broadway shows and theaters

The Met, like many live performance venues, cancelled upcoming shows because of the spread of the coronavirus. Earlier this week it began streaming for free encore presentations of its Live in HD series:

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Many gym chains across the country are offering online classes for free. Peloton is offering new users a 90-day trial on its app:

Golds Gym is offering free access to its app, Goldsamp, until the end of May, where more than 600 audio and video workouts along with DJ mixes get you ready to work up a sweat. Planet Fitness is offering "Home Work-Ins" streamed live at 7 p.m. ET daily on its Facebook page:

If you are looking for something to offer strength and maybe a little stress relief, there are some paid yoga sites that are now providing some online classes for free, including Core Power Yoga and Down Dog:

Good eats equal good times

  • Try a new recipe. Try a new pasta bake, stew, or bake some mini pizzas with the family.
  • Breakfast for dinner. Get a family assembly line going to make pancakes, eggs, fruits, bacon…get creative with it.
  • Have thematic dinners: This can be a good opportunity to learn about the culture and cuisine of different countries. From butter chicken, enchiladas, lasagna, have a new dish for each night!
  • Film a cooking show . Prepare your family favourites and the video will definitely be something to look back on.
  • Bake and decorate. From chewy chocolate cookies, fluffy sponge cake, to fudge brownies, have and an evening of baking, via zoom or with family
  • Chicken wing night. Put different flavours to the test. Hot? Honey garlic? BBQ?

Family fun

  • Build a pillow fort. Get the pillows, chairs, sofas, and sheets together, make some popcorn and have a movie night.
  • Read a book together. Do popcorn reading with the family giving each other turns to read different parts.
  • Scavenger Hunt. Give some clues to find the ultimate prize. Stash some good treats around the house and backyard.
  • Paint a canvas or the walls in your house. Get a canvas, find some inspiration and do a beautiful bold painting to add a colourful touch to your home. Bob Ross paint night is definitely a fun option. If not a canvas perhaps it’s finally time to paint that feature wall or change up the colour in your living room.
  • Family Photo Day. If everyone’s home so why not have a picture day at home? Print the photos and add them to an album. Dress up in fun outfits, strike some poses, and don’t forget the props.
  • Start a giant puzzle. Putting together 1000 pieces will be sure to keep you occupied.
  • Movie or Show Marathon. Now is the time to watch everything you have missed out on or avoided.

For you

  • Journal. Check-in with yourself and journal. Take some time to reflect on your future goals, career aspirations, mental and physical health.
  • Scrapbook. Print out some of your best moments and get crafty by scrapbooking.
  • Dear Future Me. Write a letter to your future self.
  • Vision board. Find some magazines, newspapers, scissors, glue and get crafty about your future goals.
  • Touch up your office space. Our office is where we spend hours working diligently. Clean it up, order new furniture, work on some decor ideas and projects.
  • Write letters of appreciation. In challenging times brighten anyone’s day with a simple message of appreciation.
  • Home spa-day. Buy some face masks, or have fun making them with natural ingredients around the house. Or take a relaxing bath.
  • Start a new book or podcast. Cozy up and have a good read or listen.
  • Knit or crochet. Make something new for your closet.

Spring cleaning

  • Garage sale prep. Declutter your home, store the items you no longer need in some boxes for a future garage sale.
  • Sort the closet. Sift through your clothes and pick out what you can donate
  • Clean your vehicle. Many of our vehicles have put up with tough winter conditions and now it’s time to freshen them up for spring.
  • Polish Up! Bring the shine back in your home by polishing your floors.
  • Fix the fixer-uppers. Get out the tools and fix up the door hinges, loose cabinets, broken tiles and more.

Get active

  • Meditate. Do an online yoga class on Youtube. Or put on some calm music, sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • Routine. Set up 30 minutes a day to work out.

Activities with kids at home

  2. sources-kids

Classic sports streaming

With all the major sports leagues shut down, some of the leagues are dropping their subscription fees to their paid streaming services. While sports fans may not be able to get their live-action fix, at least they can relive (or perhaps experience for the first time) some classic games and rivalries.

Free Apps ring-the-coronavirus-pandemic

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